Miracle Agri

Accounting Software

"Miracle Agri"


"Bringing growth, Ingenuity and Experience to market"

Miracle - Agri is designed and developed to fulfill requirements for Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizer businesses.All facilities along with complete GST features are satisfactory which has proved by the client.

Miracle Agri give you a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to gain full control over accounting processes of your business.


Special Entries

  • Credit Note/Debit Note Entry
  • Booking Receipt
  • Payment & Receipt Entry for Bank & Cash
  • Inbuilt Invoice type for Product in Sales & Purchase Entry
  • Batchwise Entry for Products
  • Manufacturing & Expiry Date of Product
  • Sale Option for Retailer/Wholesaler

Key Elements

  • Productwise Multi Trading Account
  • Default Group Added for Product
  • Packing of Agri Product
  • Stock in Ltr. /Kg of Agri Product
  • Product Name Print in Invoice
  • Free Format/Customized Bill Printing

Special Agri Reports

  • Batchwise Product Stock Statement
  • Groupwise Sale/Purchase Register
  • Fertilizer Retailer/Wholesaler Report
  • Pesticide / Seeds Report
  • Productwise / Partywise Net Sale/Purchase Report
  • Partywise / Productwise Net Sale/Purchase Report
  • mFMS Link

Advance Reports

  • Receipt/Issue Challan Adjustment
  • Salesmanwise Report
  • Billwise Interest Calculation
  • Party Closing Stock Statement
  • Retailer/Wholesaler wise Stock Report
  • Reorder Level Stock Report
  • Non-Moving Product Report
  • Itemwise Gross Profit Report

Accounting Features

  • Bank/Cash Quick Entry
  • Automatic Journal Entry Option
  • Account Statement
  • Cash Book/Bank Book/Day Book
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Memorandum Voucher & PDC
  • Bill to Bill Payment/Receipt Facility
  • Billwise Receivable/Payable Report
  • Audit Feature
  • Cost Center
  • Free Format Collection Letter
  • Monthly Outstanding Report
  • Sale/Purchase Register
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Daily Status Report
  • Cashflow/Fundflow Report
  • 3 Years Data Comparison with Net-Profit/Gross-Profit Percentage
  • 3 Years Sales/Purchase Analysis

GST Related Facilities

  • HSN Number Facility
  • E-way Bill Facility
  • GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B etc… E-Returns
  • Excel/JSON Integration for E-Return
  • GST Registers
  • GST Integrity Tool

User Friendly Tools

  • SMS Facility
  • E-Mail Facility
  • M-Search Facility
  • M-Desktop Icon
  • Ticker Facility
  • Cheque Printing Facility
  • Android/iOS Report
  • Auto Backup Facility
  • Multi Language Facility
  • Multi Window &Multi-Tasking Facility
  • Address Book

Special Utilities

  • Multiple Bill from Challan
  • Groupwise Voucher Number Prefix
  • Interest Calculation for OD/CC A/c
  • Userwise Multi Level Security
  • Data Freeze
  • Data Import/Export Facility
  • Data Backup/Report/Voucher Format E-mail Facility
  • Voucher Format Export to Different Format (Excel/Word/PDF/Image etc.)
  • Report Export to Different Format (Excel/Word/PDF etc.)
  • Secure Backup Against Ransomware Facility
  • Tally Import (Only Master/Master & Transaction)
  • ICICI BankConnected Banking Payment Facility